Business support, training and development

Get Started, Keep Going | Business support and training from COMBEbusinessCOMBEbusiness aims to improve the economy for the benefit of all in the Combe Martin, Ilfracombe and Woolacombe area of North Devon.

In 2012 we introduced Get Started, Keep Going, a programme of business support, advice and training for start-ups and established businesses focusing on three areas:

  • Start up – to provide help and guidance for anyone looking to start up their own business
  • Develop – to help established businesses grow and reach their full potential
  • Lifeline – to ensure struggling businesses receive support and find help fast

The workshops and mentoring have been a great success because they are the only training and support in North Devon tailored to the specific needs of individual communities.

Unlike other programmes which are limited by inflexible funding criteria, COMBEbusiness only provides business support that is relevant to businesses in the area.

At present there are no workshops scheduled.

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