Kickstart: Persistence pays in business

It’s easy to start with good intentions in the New Year, only to forget them as we get into January.

Persistence is a key requirement for success in business. Whether it’s marketing, sales or other activity, few succeed the first time. Sometimes it’s a good way of finding out what works and what doesn’t, which is useful when we learn from our mistakes.

And sometimes it’s just a way of achieving momentum: one sale is not enough, nor are 10, but 100 could be encouraging and 1,000 very promising.

It can be easy to give up if something does not seem to be working. But before giving up, it’s worth making sure we have given it a reasonable chance. Often feedback will not be immediate. How annoying it would be to abandon an activity, only to find customers clamouring for it the next week.

As we are persisting with these kickstart suggestions, are you persisting with your New Year activity?

We hope you find these kickstart suggestions useful. If you have your own suggestions for improvements you’d like to share, please get in touch and help us all kickstart our businesses for 2012.

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