Kickstart: What is your focus?

The period after Christmas can be a difficult time in business. Depending on your sector, business could be slack or perhaps the state of the economy is resulting in lower spending by customers. And then the dull weather and short days don’t help motivation.

If you have spare time, it’s the ideal opportunity to focus on some of those things you’ve planned for your business but never got round to doing. But do you find it difficult to get started?

If you need some motivation . . . and who doesn’t occasionally . . . it can be good to talk about what you want to do with colleagues, associates or anyone else you trust. Often, other people are experiencing the same difficulty and it is surprising how sharing this can actually kickstart us into doing something.

That’s why networking, getting out and about, and talking with other people can be a useful catalyst.

And if you are motivated? How about helping those who could do with a nudge? It often only takes a few words.

Time is valuable so it’s a shame to waste it when we aren’t very busy.

We hope you find these kickstart suggestions useful. If you have your own suggestions for improvements you’d like to share, please get in touch and help us all kickstart our businesses for 2012.

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