Could we buy more locally?

Research by GfK shows that British consumers are more thrifty than any other nation, according to a FT article. This could be seen as bad news for businesses because consumers are buying less, but it also provides opportunities. It can be tough persuading consumers to change their buying habits, but those who are looking to change are more open to new ideas. Could your business attract new customers who are looking to change?

There is also a growing movement towards buying locally. Price is not always the biggest concern here: availability, speed of delivery and quality can all make local offerings more attractive.

There is a vast selection of products and services available in Combe Martin, Ilfracombe and Woolacombe. We can buy locally sourced and produced bread, meat, vegetables and produce and everything from DIY materials to shoes, clothes, pet supplies, bicycles, bools and videos, flowers, artists’ materials, stationery, photographic supplies and services, homeware and more. There are also business services available including accountants, solicitors, insurance, travel agents, marketing and printers.

Do we want people to use our local businesses more? Do we use local businesses ourselves?

While not everyone will want to use every local supplier, it makes sense to start off by seeing what is available locally before we look elsewhere. After all, if we don’t support other local businesses, why should they support our own business?

If we’re not attracting local business, is there a reason for this? Is our offering relevant? Are there things we could do differently in our business? Do potential customers know we even exist?

There is so much that every business can do to attract more local customers.

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