COMBEbusiness focuses Mary Portas funding on mentoring and training

As the lead organisation in Ilfracombe’s Mary Portas application, COMBEbusiness is using half of the £10,000 funding received by the town to provide mentoring and training for retail and leisure businesses in the high street, seafront and harbour areas of the town.

With a town centre area comprising some 300 businesses, training will be available in retail areas as well as in First Aid, food hygiene and fire safety training. COMBEbusiness wants to ensure this funding is spent on activities that have a lasting result and help businesses to thrive and revive the town.

While this funding is available for Ilfracombe businesses, COMBEbusiness is working to source funding for mentoring and support for businesses across the whole area it serves.

Businesses who would like access mentoring and training can call 07971 176044 for details.

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